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Is your dog showing signs of pain? Limping, changes to their behaviour, loss of interest in their favourite activities, or lack of appetite may all be signs that your dog isn't feeling like themselves anymore.

Dogs show signs of pain much differently than people. Did you know that chiropractic is an option for your canine companions?

Dr. Sean is a chiropractor and has taken advanced training to offer chiropractic care to dogs. This is a great treatment option for several injuries and conditions including:

- Arthritis
- Hip Dysplasia
- ACL & Knee Injuries
- Shoulder Injuries
- Spinal Issues
- Limping/Lameness
- and More!

If you think your dog could benefit from chiropractic, book as assessment at the link below.


Dr. Sean offers his canine chiropractic services at Nostos Chiropractic in South East Calgary
#170, 703 64 Ave SE, Calgary AB

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